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I’m from Wellington, New Zealand but I reside in Bali, Indonesia. I’ve spent most of my life living and travelling in Asia and this has given me a unique perspective when it comes to learning and teaching languages. I spent my childhood interacting with people who didn’t speak English and I would often find myself passing on some of what I knew of my mother tongue. This is where my passion for teaching and meeting different people began. I also have the unique circumstance of being born in New Zealand to British parents, giving me an understanding of both dialects. Gaining my TEFL qualification was an extension of something I had experienced growing up. The chance to impart my understanding, to help someone’s ability to communicate with others. I was given the opportunity to really experience this on a professional level, to learn from seasoned professionals and gain valuable experience teaching both private lessons and group lessons. My hobbies and interests range from an interest in history and politics. A love of sports, especially Rugby and Football (Soccer), listening to music and watching movies. One of my biggest passions, however, is travel. I have been fortunate enough to have visited and explored a number of different places and encounter many different people and cultures. Apart from travel, my other biggest passion is design and creativity, this is why I’m a University student working towards a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design with The University of Hertfordshire in The United Kingdom. I’m passionate about languages and I love and enjoy teaching English. There’s a great sense of joy in being able to help someone by simply giving them a piece of my own understanding and seeing them take that and improve their abilities to communicate with the wider world around them.

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