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Hello, my name is Omid. I am a certified TEFL tutor and I have several years of teaching experience. I have so much passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. I worked with many students and that gave me an overview of how to deal with students of different English levels. My lessons are generally conducted in a funny and easy way. You don’t need to feel embarrassed in expressing yourself for being afraid of making mistakes. Without mistakes, we won’t learn and through it, I believe we learn more and even understand the subject better. During my free time, I like to draw, sing, travel, read books, watch movies and cook. I am a good listener, very patient, kind, diligent and an optimist. I believe everybody has the power to learn whatever he/she wants to learn provided the right procedures are followed. Why not join me in my class and let's have fun and explore the realm of English together.

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ScuolaUniversity of Buea, Cameroon
HobbyDrawing, Cooking, Traveling, Singing
Film preferitiMerlin