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I worked traveling around as an area manager/ contract manager in the UK with a large workforce to look after. I started at the company in a starter role but within 5 years was a senior manager. We specialized in Green products to help the environment i.e. solar power and insulation measures, like loft insulation. Just over 6 years ago I left the UK for Turkey for a life in the sun. This is where I started my teaching at a local language school teaching Turkish students English conversation. I enjoyed the time with my students so studied my TEFL so as to be able to help students more. I love travelling and going to as many places as I can. I run my own agency so that helps. Other pastimes are walking, kayaking, skiing, yoga :)

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Paeseunited_kingdomRegno Unito
ScuolaSutton Coldfield College
HobbyWalking, Kayaking, Snow walking, Skiing, Yoga
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