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Vin Nar

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I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I have been a university journalist for two years and has joined several debate competitions during my college days. My hobbies are watching movies and documentaries, singing, listening to music and painting.In addition to several years in teaching English online, I have also worked in different industries such as Call Center, Management, Recruitment and Sales.I decided to embrace and choose this career as I want to share my knowledge and inspire people to learn the English language. I will make sure that I will not just be a so-called teacher but can also be a friend who will do my best to help my students to achieve their goals, to be English proficient.

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ScuolaArellano University
HobbyWatching documentaries, Watching movies, Listening to music, Singing and Painting.
Film preferitiTaken, Cold Pursuit, 300